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May 14, 2010

DNS - Bachmann Website Hacked

Rep. Michele Bachmann's campaign says a 'malicious attack' on its website gave several users and supporters a computer virus.

A press release on Bachmann's website  states the virus was spread to users with Internet Explorer or Google (News - Alert) Chrome.

The virus has been removed according to the campaign.

Bachmann's Campaign Manager Gina Contryman said they do not believe any information was removed and assures that no contributor lists are house on the website.

The campaign advised any supporters who were affected by the attack to run a basic anti-virus program on their computer and seek help if they need to have any viruses removed.

Though the bug seems to have been removed, the campaign states that some security software programs are being notified of the website's condition and may continue to flag it.

During the 2008 presidential campaign Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin had her personal Yahoo account hacked.

In April David Kernell was convicted of obstruction of justice and misdemeanor computer intrusion but the jury acquitted the 22-year-old of wire fraud, and deadlocked on a fourth charge of identity theft following four days of deliberation.

Kernell famously hacked into Palin's Yahoo webmail account while Palin was the Republican vice presidential candidate. He used publicly available information about Palin to reset her password to "popcorn," then posted screenshots of some of her e-mail, and the new password, to the /b/ message board on 4chan so others could enjoy it.

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